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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Tech News, Windows Defender now hunt for scarewares

As of March 1, Windows security software will detect and remove software that displays scary messages to encourage users to pay for a service.


Microsoft has updated the list of software that Windows Defender may remove to include scareware. These pseudo-utility programs incite users to pay for an often useless service by scarring them with messages about security or performance: "Be careful, your computer is infected! "," Virus Alert "," You have 2695 errors in your system ", etc. Often, scarewares offers a free scan whose result is obviously disastrous. To solve the problem, the user is asked to put his hand in the pocket.

To determine if a software is a scareware and deserves removal, several criteria will now be evaluated. Does the software display an alarming and / or exaggerated message? Does it prompt the user to fill out a survey, subscribe to a newsletter or download a file? Does he suggest that no other solution will solve his problems? Is the user put under pressure by displaying a limited time during which he must accept the proposed solution? etc.

If these boxes are ticked, this type of application will be cataloged as "unwanted software" and deleted by Windows Defender from March 1, 2018. We can only welcome this new measure of protection because these software are more and more many and shamelessly exploit the lack of user experience. We would have liked this type of measure to come sooner, because scarewares have been polluting computers for years. But better late than never.

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