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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

5 Part Time Job Work Recommendations Saturday Week For Students

Part Time Job Work:- Part-time work is the right job for students or office employees who want to earn extra income, without having to worry about burdening the main job, because in general part-time work is a work that can be done at home and must have a short working hours not even a little part-time job time only on Saturdays and Sundays (weekends).


Before discussing more about what kind of part-time jobs I want to ask first, have you understood what it is for part time work? if not, I will explain briefly the understanding of part-time work is a work that can be done at leisure or commonly known as part time work.

Until here I assume you already understand about what is a part-time job, then we will try to discuss what kind of part-time job Saturday is suitable for students, employees and housewives.

There are several reasons why I advise you to sell online in the marketplace instead of creating your own online store, the first reason is a marketplace like tokopedia and bukalapak provides secure payment facilities for both parties, both sellers and merchants.

The second reason is because of the ease of transaction given, so you just think about the matter of payment about the payment will be handled by the marketplace.

By selling in the marketplace you will also get other benefits in terms of marketing because it will indirectly be helped by the large number of visitors that exist on the marketplace site.


What is a virtual assistant? as the name implies, this job is like an assistant profession in the real world, only that distinguishes it is a given job system.

If a reality assistant tends to do work that deals with physical goods like paper and such, then it is not for virtual assistants who are more concerned with gadgets.

On the basis of that virtual assistant can be called a part-time job because in terms of working hours and places can adjust when we want and dimnapun we are.


Working part-time as an online translator is worth to consider especially for students majoring in English, a job that can be spelled out very flexible because for every order you can collect first, so it can be done on Saturday sunday.

The most important feature of translator services is the portfolio, so before offering services online, it's good to first create an interesting and impressive portfolio that you deserve to be paid handsomely.

For a salary or payment from a large online translator (for the part-time job size) because generally every 100 words translated will cost Rp 5000 - 10,000 so if there are in 1 article there are 500 words, then at least you can be paid Rp 25.000 and if a day you can finish 10 articles then can be Rp 250.000.

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This is one hobby that can be used as a job, photography becomes one of the hobbies that can be spelled out very produce if you are able to see the opportunities that exist because in many occasions photography services are almost always sought.

Although our context here is part time work, but of course we as a photographer still have to work professionally, so of course required a lot of capital to buy purposes related to photography services.

But you do not need to worry about the capital, because the amount of capital issued will be directly proportional to the income to be earned.


Profession penguin data or more familiar with the term data entry freelance is a prima donna for employees and students who want to work part time, because if we see from the level of difficulty, data entry jobs fairly simple but also quite tiring.

The most important of these professions is the deadline, so if you feel unable to finish the job until the deadline is determined then you should not have to force to take it because it will only damage your reputation.

The advantages of part-time work as freelance data entry is the ease of working, yes you are free to work anywhere, because this profession is not like tutoring teacher that requires you to be present in sutu place.

That's the five professions that I think should be considered for you who want to work part-time Saturday week.

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