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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

How to Build a Blog to Login Top 100,000 Alexa Web

Alexa:- For some people, especially the master bloggers, of course things like this is not a tremendous achievement or may even be considered as unfit to share because it is usually. However, I think there is nothing wrong to share the experience, because I believe the experience for 1.5 years blogging together berguruseo this would be useful, especially for friends bloggers who are still beginners.


There are many free blogging platforms available today. Various platforms have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example My weblog is designed for mobile users, WordPress with its easy to manage post looks like a feature of labels (tags) and bloggers who have a large selection of templates and are easy to customize.

Lesson # 1: The wisest choice for PC users is Blogger, because besides having a high PA / DA, it's also easy to customize, while for HP users it's a good idea to use My wap blog because it's easy to operate and the choice of mobile templates is very diverse.


When I decided to choose a niche SEO and set berguruseo as my first blog name, frankly I was totally blind to SEO. All I know is SEO is a technique to find backlinks as much as possible, for other affairs such as KD, PR, PA / DA, Dofollow / Nofollow really 0. So you can say I wrote something that I do not really master, you can call it bonek (bondo desperate).

However, for those of you who are not interested in SEO niche, there are several niche alternative options with high monthly search rates, some examples are:
  • Business
  • Health, and
  • Blog about words
The rest you can use keyword research tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Wordtracker and Keyword Revealer.

Lesson # 2: No need to be afraid to try something you do not master, because from trying that you will learn.


If I do not master SEO niche, then 'how my way in writing articles?'. The answer to the question one of them is by way of Blogwalking and Googling. Yes, I get a lot of inspiration about articles from Blogwalking and reinforce the article by looking for references as much as possible from Googling.

Lesson # 3: Blogwalking is a great way to search for writing ideas.


The place of promotion that I think is most appropriate for promoting new blogs is through social media. There are two social media that I use most at that time, namely Facebook and Twitter. The way I promote blogs is actually very simple ie just through my personal facebook profile account, so my blog link share via status and I give a little question to make the discussion in comment field.

However, this way is also not always running smoothly, there is one friend who was disturbed by what I do this, because it is considered to pollute the newsfeed / homepage he.

Lesson # 4: Dog barking kafila passed.


Blog is a plant and back link is a fertiliser. If the plant is too much given the fertilizer as a child, then certainly the plant will die, but if the portion that we give the right then the plant will be fertile body. So also with blogs, when I first blogging only focus on the making of articles, then on the 2nd and 3rd month I give quality back links in stages, starting from:
  • Blog Commenting, and
  • Social Bookmarking
In the 4th month of blogging, I started getting to know Dummy Blogs, and at that moment without thinking I immediately made dummy troops from various blogging platforms (mywapblog, wordpress and blogger). After a dummy blog is about 1 month old and already has 50 more articles, then I enter 1 contextual backlink that leads to money site (berguruseo).

The result? quite satisfying to me, as I recall that time it could raise up to 7 ranks, which initially rank 12 has now entered into Google's first Top 5 page with low search keywords (<5,000 searches per month) and with low competition too (< 1,000,000 results).

Lesson # 5: Something big starts with a small one.


Doing research will help you to get the right keywords. Keywords or keywords is what will help in filling the title and description of the blog. Try to include keywords that are targeted in the title and description of the blog.

There are many free online tools that you can use to help with keyword research process, some of which I use most often are:
  • Google Suggest
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • SEMRush (free trial)
Simply enter basic keywords like "business", "healthy", "rich" then automatically tool research keywords above will bring up the most relevant derivative keywords.

Lesson # 6: Consider entering keywords in the domain (KOD) because it will help blogs compete on the SERP.


Actually there are so many sites that provide seo tutorials or blogs that carry the SEO niche scattered on the internet from the start of international sites such as Moz and Backlinko to local ones like TrikMudahSEO blog. Feeling dissatisfied with what I got, that's where I started doing small experiments SEO, which I would not publish on any blog, because this is a private experiment.

Given this is a special day, so I will give you a little leak about my experimental seo, especially in terms of Anchor Text.

In this experiment I try to observe, which type of anchor text that gives maximum effect to improve blog ranking in SERP.

Experiments started from creating 3 Blogs from Blogger:
  • Blog 1:
  • Blog 2:
  • Blog 3:
Then I give backlink from the same site but with different variations of anchor text on each blog. The result? blog that I give backlinks with exact match type anchor text, was able to get a much better ranking than partial or non-exact match anchor text.

Lesson # 7: Doing 1x SEO experiments, much better than reading 100x tutorials on SEO.


After a few months after creating a blog, because I feel the visitor never improved, I decided to try or more precisely desperate to target keywords with high search levels, but it turns out my struggle to make the article like a waste, because when check in page 1 - 10 My blog does not stick out its nose.

Then, the initiative to try to open 10 incoming blog Top 10 on page 1 Google with the targeted keywords, and when I compare with the article I created, I was surprised when I saw the result that the article on the blog has a number of words far below my articles, the difference can be 2x more.

From here I sok-sokan be a detective, find out what the secrets of these blogs so that can perched on page one. I try to remember what are the factors that affect SEO, and as I recall in outline there are 4 Factors:
  1. On-Page: Template
  2. Article
  3. Off-Page: Back link
  4. Social Signal
I try to compare one by one from starting articles, templates, backlinks to social signals. And it turns out to be caught:

blog ranking 1 has many back links
blog ranking 2 has the number of back links under the blog rank 1 but excel in the social signal
blog ranking 3 does not have backlinks (not visible) & social signals are not too many, but have a high DA / PA.

Of the three sites I took each positive points, and immediately tried to apply on the blog, first by looking for backlinks, yes backlinks from blog rank 1 try my peek, after knowing the origin of backlinks, I start to participate in planting backlinks with variations of anchor text different course, if it seems all the backlinks already stuck, I continue to optimize the social signal by making some clonengan account and then share the blog link via status / tweet on each account, did not take long, the blog has got 100+ Like, 20 Share, 33 Tweets and 12 + 1s. Practically, the position or ranking of my blog in SERP began to creep up.

Lesson # 8: Observe, Learn and Modify


Like a human, the template can be likened to clothes. Although the appearance is not the main, but in fact the appearance made the first assessment. So try to give a good first impression by selecting a User Friendly template.

Indication of a template can be said User Friendly is to have clear navigation, load time is not too heavy and most important is the text color and contrast background, so the text can be read clearly.

Lesson # 9: Visitors come not to see design templates, but to read articles.

That's an overview of what I've been doing, from starting to build blogs, choosing templates to optimize, no intention at all to patronize let alone smart, honestly I also still have a lot to learn seo, so this is just a sharing article on beginning of 2015, as well as an encouragement for friends who may be currently sluggish blogging because they feel no results, but believe that hard work will never betray.

Maybe some of you have asked, 'what's in it for having a website / blog with alexa ranking slim?' there are many actual benefits to be gained if we manage to increase alexa rank on the blog and make it slim (Top 100,000 or Top 50,000), some examples are to capture more advertisers (advertisers) and certainly increase the price of the blog itself.

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