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Monday, 21 May 2018

How to Check Blog Ranking in Google SERP Accurately

SEO techniques :- As a blogger obligatory for us to check the position of blogs on Google, it aims to ensure that SEO techniques that we run really work perfectly. But unfortunately to check the position or ranking of blogs on Google takes a long time, especially if our blog bposisi is on the last page, obviously will waste a lot of your time. Tips on How to Become a Productive Articles Writer

Although there is already a tool such as serp checker to simplify it, but the fact that it will drain our money, because so far I have not 1 tool that provides free unlimited blog ranking review services, most only offer a maximum of 10 keywords, if more than that then we asked to upgrade membership to premium.

But, no need to worry, because the good news in this article I will provide information to you the simple way that I have been doing to check the position of blog rankings in Google accurately and unlimited without the need to spend a penny.

I think it's pretty basic, now it's time to go to the main discussion on how to check your blog ranking on Google. Prepare toolnya first.

Tool To Check Blog Ranking :-

There are 2 tools that we will use to check the blog ranking. No need to worry, these two tools you can get for free. Both tools are as follows:

1. Browser (Google Chrome)
2. Scraper (Chrome Plugin)

The download link, especially for scraper plugin I will give below. So you do not need to tire-tired to look for it.

How To Check Blog Ranking

This tutorial will I write very simple to be easily understood by beginners, but if it is felt less clear, fore I will try to add video tutorial. Okay, maybe just the following tutorial check site rankings on Google.

1. Download and install the scraper plugin

Plugin scraper you can get for free through chrome web store, please open then type scraper or if do not want to bother looking for it You can just click the following link to download it here Scraper.

2. Go to and type in the keywords you want to check-

Actually it does not have to, you can use or Google from any country, but in this example I will use as experiment material.

3. Add & num = 100 & pws = 0 end of url- 

The above code consists of two syntaxes, the first syntax is & num = 100 and the second syntax is & pws = 0. The short explanation & num = 100 is used to display 100 blog search results in 1 page, so we do not have to bother clicking 10 pages to get 100 search results.

For the explanation of the second syntax & pws = 0 is actually very simple that is used to hide private search results, so the concept is the same as if we do a search using Private or Inconigto mode, this will make the search results more accurate.

4. Right click on title post section and select scrape simillar
Here is the function of the scaper tool, we will use it to check there in what position our blog. How to use the scraper tool is also fairly easy, you just need to right click on the title post and select the menu scraper simillar to activate the scraper plugin.

5. Enter // div / h3 / a / @ href under xPath then click scrape
More details you can see the example image above, delete the existing code, then change the code that I give above. The code difference you get with me gives lies in @ href where this code functions to narrow the scrape results to show only links without title post.

6. CTRL + F, type in your blog url
The last step that needs to be done is to find there in what position your blog. To make it easier you can search by pressing the command CTRL + F then please type the blog url that you want to check its position.

There are several things that need to be underlined here. Tutorial that I provide is not about how to tracking keywords, but how to check the position of keyword blog.

Differences tracking and check (checking) is very clear, if tracking then we obviously need scrapechecker tool because it will require a database to record the movement of rankings, but if you do checking which means only check rankings only, then you can do it without tools and applications serpchecker .

Online Ranking Comparison of the SERP Checker Tool

This article I give the title How to Check Blog Ranking in Google SERP Accurately, yes accurately and to mebukti statement I will compare the results of checking blog ranking using this method vs checking ranking using serpchecker tool.

The keywords we will use in this experiment are "Learning SEO" and as the jury.

 Scraper-Rank 21 based on checking using the Scraper tool

Serplab - Ranking 20 based on checking using the Serplab tool

Whatsmyserp- Rank 21 based on checking using the Whatsmyserp tool

Serps - Rank 20 based on checking using the Serps tool

It is clear that checking the rankings using the scraper method I described above is accurate, because from checking with 3 different serpchecker tools the result is almost the same. Good luck.

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