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Monday, 21 May 2018

How To Make Money From The Internet With Blogging Solution

How to get money from the internet there are many ways, one with blogging. Do you feel attracted to blogging? Want to start but do not know much about what to do?

You have no experience and minimal technical skills? Or you have not managed to make money since the first post blog? In this article you will find how to earn money from internet with blogging.

Slowly but surely you will earn.

How to earn money from Internet with blogging? 

Well, here are some initial steps that need to be taken so that you can earn money from the internet with blogging:
  • Create useful content
  • Find the reader
  • Build closeness with the readers who come to your blog
  • Start making money from the number of readers available.
It looks easy easy? You could say the process is quite simple but you will know more after you live.

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Start a blog :-
Of course the thing to do is you need to have a blog. However, this step is also a barrier for most beginner bloggers who have little or no technical background.

But do not worry, this is not as difficult as you think. There are some simple steps you need to start a blog:

Choose your blog platform :-
To start a blog you need to choose a blog platform or tool that will help you keep the content on the website. There are many blog platform options available, one of which is which is the most popular and widely chosen platform for the following reasons:
  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • It has long been used by many people and equipped with a security system
  • You can adjust to various themes so that your blog more interesting.

Specify the domain name and hosting :-

The next step to starting a blog is to determine the domain name (your blog address). Each blog has its own domain, so you must be creative to find a domain name that has not been used by others, but according to the content of Blog you plan.

Configure the blog :-

If this is your first experience using WordPress, you will be confused to see the dashboard and do not know what to do. But do not worry, you'll get over it. Earn money with Google AdSense

There are so many tutorials that will help you use WordPress and manage things to make your blog look and operate properly.

Blog design :-

Another thing you need to do is design a blog. First impressions are very important so you have to choose a design that can make your blog stand out among other blogs.

You can take advantage of tutorials on basic settings and theme selection.

Although there are many free theme options, you can use the paid theme as your blog design.

Although paid, the theme can have a positive effect on search engine optimization, designed for mobile or desktop, and easy to install and customize.

1. Start creating useful content :-

You can read articles about the basics to create articles on blogs with wordpress first. Once you have a blog, you need to focus your attention on creating useful content.

The choice of your content will depend on the topic to be written. The key to success is creating content that is useful to the reader.

Content that can inspire, entertain, provide solutions to a problem and change the lives of others.

This will help readers feel familiar, like, and trust you.

All this is very important when you later want to earn money from the internet with blogging.

2. Find the reader :-

You have created the content, but it will be useless if you just make it but no one reads.

When you want to make money from blogs, you not only create good content, but also start promoting it. 5 Simple Ideas on How to Make Money Online From Home Jobs

Start by thinking about the kind of readers you want on your blog.

After knowing who is reading your blog, ask where this group of people gather online. Make a list of where they might meet:
  • Do they read certain blogs?
  • Do they participate in certain forums?
  • Are they gathered in certain social media?
  • Which accounts do they follow from the social media?
Each place your target readers visit your blog, take your time to get involved there by leaving comments, offering guest posts, or simply by answering questions.

The key is to build visibility, add value, and build relationships with readers.

To build visibility, you also need to know SEO, so the content on your blog easily searchable on google.

3. Build closeness with the incoming readers :-

When you focus on creating content and finding readers for blogs, you start seeing visitors coming to your blog and enjoying the content you create.

At this stage, you need to focus on approaching the reader and building the community.

Reply to comments they write, approach the reader personally, and do whatever you can to keep them coming back to your blog again and again.

Keep your readers even if you can give them a good solution. So, they will spread the word about your blog, indirectly participate in building your blog, so that more people are known.

4. Start making money from readers :-

The first four steps, ie starting a blog, writing content, finding readers, and building closeness with readers, are important basics needed before you can build long term revenue on your blog.

It takes hard work but if you do well, then you have a chance to earn money from the Internet with blogging.

But one thing you need to remember, after creating a blog, having content, and approaching readers, does not mean money will flow automatically.

Because it takes work to continue and experiment to keep you getting

Source of Income Blog :-

A big mistake that bloggers do about blog monetization is they do it in only one way. In fact there are many ways to make money from blogs.

1. Advertisement :-
Many bloggers start this way. Getting a blog entry in this way is not much different from how magazines or newspapers sell their ads.

As traffic begins to rise, you'll meet advertisers who are willing to pay a fee for their product or service to be seen by your readers.

Although you need good traffic before placing an ad, there are network ads like Google AdSense that allow small-scale publishers to run ads on their blogs.

2. Affiliates:-
Affiliate promotion is the most common type of blogger. How to get money from the internet is indeed quite powerful.

Affiliate income means that you link to a product, service or event from another website.

For example in provides an affiliate program, you follow the program and get affiliate links.

You then post those links on your blog, if someone follows your link and list, you will earn commissions from the sale.

This is a great way to start blog monetization because affiliate programs are easy to process the list. In addition, if you have a loyal reader, they will follow the recommendations you make to a product.

3. Hold an event :-
Although this is not an option from most bloggers, but more and more bloggers are making money from holding events.

The size of the event varies from large conferences to meeting bloggers and readers on a smaller scale. The money generated can be from the ticket payment by the present readers or find the sponsor of the event.

4. Recurring Income :-
Another category for the income of bloggers is through recurring income or can also called the continuity program or membership program.

This means the reader pays money regularly, usually monthly or yearly, to gain access to premium content, community areas, specific services, training, or a mix of all.

5. Services or services :-
One common way for many bloggers to earn money is through offering services to their readers. This can take many forms from training and consulting, writing, design, or other freelance services.

6. Products :-
How to earn money from the internet with blogging next is to sell products

By selling products such as book sales, some bloggers make it a source of income.

Indeed this kind of product takes time to manufacture, but quite profitable.

Products can be many forms, not only e-book, but also can be a virtual product such as software, and so forth.

Other types of products that the bloggers sell are physical products. It's perfectly natural for bloggers / you have a business or product to sell.

This can be very powerful if you have a physical product

7. Other income streams :-
Of course there is income in another form obtained by bloggers. Some are donation requests or content syndication to other sites.

Most full time bloggers make money with more than one income channel. Creating

Direct and indirect income :-

A blogger can make money directly from their blog while others earn income indirectly because of their blog.

Direct revenue :-
Bloggers can put AdSense ads on blogs and promote some products in Amazon as affiliates and more readers, meaning more income starts flowing.

As traffic grows, revenue also grows, and you can experiment with other direct income forms such as selling space advertising services directly on your blog. How to get money from the internet is pretty much done.

Indirect income :-
As blogs and profiles begin to grow as a result of blogging, you can sell services as speakers at seminars and consultants, or get an offer to write a book from a publisher.

You can also organize an event such as a seminar, which can also make money. All this revenue does not come directly from your blog but because of your blog.

Income from blogs can be from a combination of direct and indirect income, many bloggers focus on only one.

Your turn :-
That is how to earn money from internet with blogging.

What do you think? Have a better idea of blog monetization?

Interested in creating a blog as a way of earning money from the internet for you? If you want to have a running business and want to increase turnover, we provide digital marketing training focused on discussing Google Adwords advertising, Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads to Twitter Ads.

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