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Monday, 21 May 2018

How To Make Online Website Logo Just 3 Minutes

Website Logo:- Information on how to create a website logo will certainly be needed by business people, bloggers, institutions, agencies or other business areas that require a special symbol to become distinctive characteristics that are different from others. If you do not already know, the logo is a symbol, picture or unique text that can be a hallmark for a brand / brand.

Why are logos so important to your brand?

The logo is the 'face' of your company, meaning the logo will reflect what your company stands for, so the brevity of the business you run will be judged by how good the logo you make.

With the logo will certainly facilitate you in promoting both offline and online, because people who see it will be easier to recognize the field of your business, just by looking at the logo design.

Logo website, how important is it?

Of course, it becomes mandatory for every person or organization that has a website to have a logo. By having a logo, a website can show its existence and explain the information contained in it.

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For those of you who do an individual business or organization that uses website media and happen to have no logo, then you should make it now.

In fact, to create a logo it will be very difficult for those who do not understand the use of design software, because it requires more understanding of the application of the software, and creativity needed for the maker. However, if you can not do it because you have never studied the design, just take it easy because there are many other alternatives to create an online logo, one of them is by using an online logo maker.

Online logo maker is a logo making application that can be used online. The advantage, you no longer need to think about logo design again because there are many designs that you can choose your own as you pleased. So, create with the design that is available there just by click and type.

It does not take long to wait for the results, because it only takes at least 3 minutes, no need to worry about design in the logo and do not need special skills to follow how to create a logo of this website.

Then how? Follow these steps to get the best logo you want. What you need to keep in mind is that the following information is just a guide, so how good and cool your results are, also depends on the creativity you have in making them.

How to create an online logo with ease :-

Before starting the process of creating an online logo, you'll want to prepare the concept of the logo to be created first. If so, then of course determine the site to create an online logo that will be tried.

There are a lot of online logo makers on the internet, but you must be smart to choose the best logo maker site for maximum results. One site that I have tried myself along with millions of people around the world follows in my opinion to be the best online logo maker that I can recommend to you, namely Logaster.

There are several steps you must go through to create an online logo in the logaster. Take it easy, you just follow the steps listed below in a coherent and correct.

1 . Step # 1: Visit the logo maker's online site

Because we are here we will create an online logo in Logaster, then of course the first step you should do is visit the official website which is located at After the look of the website is visible, the next step to start creating a logo is to click the "Create a Logo for Free" button.

2. Step # 2: Start creating logo design

On this page we will start the process of creating an online logo. How, please enter your business brand or website name in the column "Your Company Name" also choose the type of business / website you have misalanya internet, music, science and so forth. Then click Next.

After that, you will be redirected to the page to choose the logo design. As described earlier, Logaster has provided a wide selection of logo designs that you can choose at your disposal. Choose a logo design that you like, just calm down because if you are still not satisfied with the logo available, later you can still edit it in the next step.

You will be directed to the page editor of the logo, here you can edit the logo you have selected earlier, ranging from letters, colors, positions and so forth. If everything is fixed then you can proceed to the next step by clicking the Next button.

3. Step # 3: Export and download logos

On this page you will see your logo display in various colors and backgrounds. If you are still unsure of the logo design and still want to edit it again, please click "Edit Logo Concept" or "Choose Another Logo". If you are sure and satisfied with the logo you have created, please click SAVE.

Please register on Logaster website to get your logo for free. If you have already done so, you will be directed to the next page, to download the logo.

Please click "Download Logo Files" to download your logo. However, because only a free member, then you can only download your logo file in small size. If you want to download a larger logo along with the other best facilities, you simply pay $ 9.99, $ 19.99 or $ 24.99 with the maximum facilities.

After you download the file for free, you will receive 6 files containing the following, you can use it as needed, you can make as website logo, business card, poster or other media.
  • 2 Primary logo
  • 2 White logo
  • 1 Flat logo
  • 1 Grayscale logo

If the business you are running is very important for your life, then make sure your branding activity is correct. Well, for the maximum of course not only the logo that you should note, but the business card, favicon or other media you should also consider.

The good news, has provided it all. By only paying $ 29.99 dollars, you will get the facility to make the following five things to make your business very professional, of course this will be very important for your business branding activities. What are they? Here's what you can:
  • 1 Logo
  • 1 Business card
  • 1 Envelope design
  • 1 Letterhead design
  • 1 Favicon

You can also see the entire price list of products, on the following page

Tips on creating a cool logo design :-

Last but also an important factor that you should consider in creating a logo design using the online logo maker, so that the logo looks more professional. Here are tips that I can give.

1. The logo should reflect the brand: a good logo is a logo that when viewed at a glance then one can  conclude in what field your business is moving.

2. The logo should be easy to remember: make a simple logo only, because it will be very effective to make your logo memorable.

3. The logo must be responsive: responsive in a clear sense when viewed in large and small sizes without damaging the proportions.

4. The logo should look good in any media: logos that do not have many colors and forms that are not too complex will be clearly visible in any media.

So that's the information how to create an online logo, whether for companies or online shop who want to do branding or the bloggers or website owners who do not want the blog looks normal if not decorated logo, then the role of website logo is needed to make blog become more special.

Hopefully the above information you can understand and do with ease. But I'm sure you will not have difficulty in making logos in Logaster because it's very easy to use interfaces. Good luck trying to create a logo.

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