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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

How To Overcome Alexa Rank Blog Down To No Data

Alexa Rank:- The cause of alexa rank blog down there are various kinds and ways to overcome alexa rank down, of course also vary because it must be tailored to the cause. Ranking down continuously can even lead to alexa rank blog becomes No Data.

So, No Data ranking on Alexa is not only experienced by newly created blogs or newly purchased domains, but also often happens to old blogs that old not taken care by the owner.

So, how to solve alexa rank that continues down until finally become No Data?

Simply, the 6 tips below will help your blog to be free from ranking Alexa Rank No Data or just raise the Alexa Ranking blog down.

1. Update Articles Consistently

The main cause of alexa rank down the most often I encountered is caused by the intensity of the update articles that are not done consistently, ideally a blog updated once a week or at least once a month, if more than that then there is likely to be a decline in visitors to be followed by lowers alexa rank blog.

2. Find a Quality Backlink

Ranking alexa blog down can also be caused by the lack of supply backlinks obtained by the blog, especially if your opponent blogs are often fed backlinks, it can be sure your blog ranking in SERP will plunge free and eventually will also cause your blog alexa ranking decreased.

3. Add Internal Link On Every Article

In addition to providing backlinks (links from outside the site) we should also include at least 1 or 2 internal links in each article that we create, internal links to improve bounce rate blog so the visit time becomes longer, the longer the visitor is in a site the more well the reputation of the blog in the eyes of Alexa.
4. Increase Social Signal

Social signals from social media sites can also cope with alexa blog ranking down. So try to share your articles on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, because in addition to improving social signal we will also get backlinks and visitors.

5. Claim Your Blog on Alexa Site

Alexa provides a claim feature, which serves to verify the original ownership of a website / blog. The way is quite easy, you just need to visit then scroll down and click the button 'claim this site' then please follow the guidance provided by Alexa.

6. Install the Alexa Toolbar

It is common knowledge if it is said that the easiest way to mengasi alexa blog down or no data is to install alexa toolbar on the browser used, so every time we make a visit on the blog (eg our own blog) then Alexa will count it as a valid visit . However Alexa has confirmed through his official blog that Alexa does not use the benchmark Alexa Toolbar or more clearly you can read here Myths About the Alexa.

The six short tips to overcome the alexa rank blog down I wrote above each consist of 2 optimizations you can do from within the blog (update articles & internal links), outside the blog (backlink & social signal) and from alexa site itself (claim & alexa toolbar).

Keep in mind that the ranking of each website / blog that is presented on the Alexa website is the ranking of the domain is not the ranking of the article pages.

See also Part 2:  How to Increase Alexa Rank

I admit Alexa Rank is not very accurate, because I have several blogs and one of the blogs that have a lot of traffic just alexanya ranking under the blog that trafficnya much less, but actually very fun if we can get high ranking in Alexa.

Fun in the sense that we can use high alexa ranking to attract advertisers to want to put an ad on the blog or it could be a plus when we intend to sell the blog

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