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Thursday, 24 May 2018

How to Redeem Money from Google AdSense in Western Union (WU)

Google AdSense in Western Union (WU) :- Through this article I would like to share my experience in withdrawing money from Google AdSense through Western Union (WU). For friends who just got paid / paid out (PO) from Google AdSense and want to cash in Western Union, would be wondering 'how to cash money in western union? how much does it cost ? what should be brought? ' answers to these questions will be obtained through the following article. Learn How To Succeed Google Adsense Business

How to Redeem Money from Google AdSense in Western Union (WU)

To make this article easier to understand, then I will try to share the explanation about the disbursement of money from AdSense in Western Union into 4 parts, consisting of:
  • Where to Withdraw Money from Western Union
  • Cost of Unfreeze Money in Western Union
  • Conditions to Withdraw Money at Western Union
  • Procedures and How to Redeem Money in Western Union
For more details, let's start discussing one by one of the four points above and I will try to discuss it as simple as possible so easily understood for beginners though.

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There are many places we can visit to withdraw money from Western Union. The most popular and most widely used by the publisher is the Post Office, because it is considered to have a high rate. However, you can still cash money from Western Union in other places that have Western Union (WU) logo, such as:
  • Bank
  • Post Office
  • Indomart
If the money or money you want to liquidize has a large nominal, then my suggestion to liquidate in the Bank or Post Office only, because it can be faster, otherwise you certainly will not see excuses like 'sorry, money no mas'.


The next question I hear most from my Facebook friends when approaching the day of H-1 payment from Google AdSense is 'how much does it cost to cash money in western union?'. In the past I was also worried about the costs that may be charged to me when I will withdraw money in WU. However, my worry was relieved immediately after I got the reply from the counter guard that there was no additional charge to withdraw money at Western Union.

In other words, the cost of allowing money in western union (wu) is free without paying a penny. Even if paid, maybe just pay the cost of photocopy of ID card used sebaagi money making conditions in Western Union.

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Terms to withdraw money at Western Union I have actually mentioned above, namely a copy of ID card. But of course in addition to a copy of ID card there are other requirements that we must bring in order to withdraw money in Western Union. These conditions include:
  • Original ID
  • Photocopy of ID card
  • MTCN Number
  • Owner of ID card
ID card, MTCN I'm sure you already understand it. What may be confusing is the 'ID Card Owner' requirement. Yes, if you want to withdraw money in WU, then the person concerned or in this case is the owner of the ID card must come to the location and can not be represented, because later we will be asked to do three fingerprint as a condition of making money in Western Union.


If the talk of money disbursement procedures in Western Union actually is not too complicated or in other words how to cash money in western union is easy and briefly, the old may only antrinya only. However, for the first time I want to disburse, I'm sure it will feel confused about the liquefaction procedure, for that here I will help explain to you about the procedure and how to withdraw money in Western Union.

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From home :

1. Record your MTCN number on paper / handphone.
2. Bath, then wear a neat suit, if necessary use deodorant.
3. See the clock is already more than 08.00 hours because to my knowledge the new post office 
    open at 8 more. 
4. Departed to the nearby western union melting place, honestly if I prefer to the post office.

At the post office

1. Ask the security / post office officer where the collection of WU disbursement form

2. Fill out the form, adjust name & address with ID. For the name and address of the sender of Google Ireland Ltd, and its address is Dublin 4, Ireland.

3. Take the queue number, I purposely put in the back because if you take the new number WU melting form, you're afraid you have not finished filling the form but it has been called by the guard booth.

4. If it's your turn, go to the counter officer immediately, then give the WU disbursement form, a copy of ID card and original ID card to the counter officer.

5. Before receiving the money you will be asked to do a 3-finger stamp (remember, use left hand), if it is please pocket the money or more secure enter into the bag.

6. If necessary, say thank you and goodbye to the counter attendant.

How ? not too difficult is not, How to Redeem Money from Google AdSense in Western Union (WU)? honestly for the first time I also feel confused and at the same time afraid if one fills, but it turns out a small error when filling the name / address of the sender (Google) can be understood by the post office counter.

If the money from Google AdSense has been liquid and is in the hands, then the next money will you use for what? share it to us via comment field yes.

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