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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

How to Sign Up and Use AdFly to Make Hundred dollar Money

AdFly:- The statement says that there are 1001 ways to earn money from the internet, certainly not just a figment, because in fact there are many ways to get money from the internet that we can try. The good news, almost all ways to earn money, especially dollars from the internet can be done for free or in other words you just need to prepare a capital internet connection.


Of the many ways to earn money from the internet, one of the favorite bloggers, especially bloggers who have blog download, yap that I mean is with AdFly. What is AdFly? simply, understanding AdFly is a site that provides url shortener service or commonly referred to as URL Shortener.

'How do I list and use it? what is the condition? then how to get dollars from AdFly? '

The answer to that question you will get through the article. To make it easier to understand about AdFly, I will explain in detail about AdFly.
  • How to Register AdFly
  • How to Use AdFly
  • Craa Gets Money from AdFly
Starting from AdFly register then we continue the discussion on how the work of the AdFly, and will be closed with tricks and tips to earn money up to $ 5 per day from AdFly.

To earn money from AdFly, of course you have to have and create an account in AdFly, to have an account then we need to register first in AdFly, for a complete tutorial on how to list AdFly, please read below.

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1. Visit AdFly's official website here

If the front page of the AdFly site is open, please proceed by clicking the Join button located at the bottom of the shortening service box from AdFly.

2. Fill in your data :-
Enter your name, username, email, password and accoun type with Link Shrinker type. If already enter the captcha then click Join.

3. Confirm your AdFly account
First open your email first, then note the confirmation code sent by the AdFly (32 characters consist of numbers and letters). Then enter the code here

4. Click the link 'click here'
If a message that says 'Account Confirmed' means that you have successfully registered and created an account at AdFly, then click 'click here' to complete the registration.

1. AdFly account with type Publisher you have successfully created, it means you are ready to make money from AdFly. The problem is how to use AdFly to get the money? if curious, please continue reading.


Not too hard to use AdFly, because all we need to do is copy paste URL / Link from a site, then put it into the field that has been provided, then just click Shrink. For more details please follow the steps below.

1. Find the link you want to shorten
For example I will shorten one of the links from the article in SEO Blog. Copy URL / Link.

2. Open the AdFly dashboard
URL / Link that you have copied now please paste it into the url condenser box, then click Shrink to shorten it.

Next, just copy and distribute the shortened Links to your site or it can be through social media. Not too difficult not to use AdFly?


As per my promise above, here I will share tips and tricks to earn a lot of money from AdFly by utilizing YouTube help. Curious how? please see the trick below.

1. Go to YouTube

Go to 'Popular on YouTube india' channel to find out what videos are popular in India.

2. Find Inspirational videos
Actually does not have to be inspirational, the most important video is able to make people curious to click on it, I example here is a video of Ki Prana Lewu, the title of Kuntilanak.

3. Open the video, copy the URL
Open the video, then copy URL / Link. Go back to AdFly and paste the URL / Video link to get the short version of the URL.

4. Share the URL / Link on Facebook
This is where our creativity is tested, where we need to create a title that must make people curious, for example 'serem, kuntilanaknya original plasticity without editing'.

That's more like my trick in making money on AdFly, if you are observant and sensitive to conditions like trends and such, then you can also shorten the url containing more trending news, as long as consistent and willing to work hard, $5 per day AdFly is not impossible thing.

That's it from me, I congratulate hunting dollars on AdFly and good luck.

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