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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

How to Use Black Friday and Its Benefits For Internet Marketer

Black Friday :-  is an annual event commemorated on Friday in the fourth week of November. This event is always awaited by internet marketers, because almost all sellers engaged in the field of online business such as hosting service Black Friday providers and domains will provide a large discount. In 2015, Black Friday will be held on November 27, 1 day ahead of the Black Friday event of 2014 yesterday that falls on November 28th.

How to Use  Black Friday and Its Benefits For Internet Marketer

The event that lasted 1x in 1 year is a moment that is highly anticipated by buyers to buy their various product coveted with low prices, because not infrequently the sellers give discounts above 50% and even up to 90%.
For internet marketers must be legally required to pay balance into PayPal account, considering most promos on Black Friday are organized by registrar and hosting service provider from overseas, so inevitably the payment process must use dollar currency.

Determine the Black Friday Time Zone :-

In addition to currency, other problems that usually arise during Black Friday are time zone differences. Yes, because the Black Friday event is held in various countries (especially USA) so often appear confusion in matching hours.

But do not worry, because now there are many online tools to help you in changing or mencovert hours based on GMT and CST, such as:

  • WorldTimeBuddy
  • GreenwichMeanTime
  • TimeBie
And there are many other tools you can find on the internet by typing the keyword "GMT to CST Converter". Of the many tools available, I personally prefer to use WorldTimeBuddy for reasons of ease of use.

Do not forget also to set your alarm, because some discounts will apply the Flash Sale system that lasts only a few hours, for that prepare yourself and balance in your PayPal to welcome Black Friday. (read: How to Fill PayPal Balance)

From here it can be concluded that the benefits of Black Friday for internet marketers is as an investment event as well as giving us the opportunity to try a variety of products.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Differences :-

Speaking of Black Friday certainly can not be separated from Cyber Monday held on Monday or teptanya 3 days after Black Friday took place. Both are still one package, in other words Black Friday and Cyber Monday together will offer a massive discount.

The difference, on the Black Friday show both physical products and digital products will get a discount, while on Cyber Monday will only be a discount for digital products only.

So I think it's easy for you to determine when Black Friday is going on and certainly followed by Cyber Monday. A good time to buy a product for resale. Momentum to try different kinds of products.

It should be noted that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are big discount events, with big biscuits, usually (read: not all) there will be something sacrificed, whether in terms of quality or support provided, so do not expect quality which is equal to the normal price.

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