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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Learn How To Succeed Google Adsense Business

Google AdSense Business :- Who would not be happy if you get a millions of dollars from the Internet just from writing articles on Blog, let alone the Blog can we make for free (no hosting fees or domain rental). All that can be obtained if we have become Publisher in Google AdSense and that is not less important also must have a Blog that many visitors.


So, here I want to say that the key to success of Google AdSense business is Visitor. The more visitors you get, the greater the revenue you earn, or the number of visitors on the blog is directly proportional to the income you will get.


1. Understanding Google AdSense
2. How to Apply Google AdSense
3. How to Install Google AdSense
4. How to Increase Revenue
5. How to Withdraw Payments
6. Alternative Google AdSense

This article I dedicate to you who is really still a beginner in Google AdSense, so I intentionally peeled everything from starting to explain the meaning of Google AdSense, how to list AdSense to be accepted, until I am willing to share my secrets in increasing Google AdSense revenue, or more details about what we will learn can you see in Index table beside.


Maybe there are some of you who still do not know What is Google AdSense, for that I will explain it briefly and clearly. Google AdSense is a program established by Google to engage in advertising between Publisher and Google itself. Publisher itself is the person who publishes ads on the Blog or the owner of the blog.
The system or way of working Google AdSense is actually very simple that is with PPC system or Pay Per Click. This means we will be paid / earn money every ad clicked by visitors Blog. So the scheme looks like this:

Many Visitors> Many Clicks> Much Money :- As I said above, that the key to success of Google AdSense is depending on how many visitors you can and also some other factors that we will discuss below.


In the past, or exactly before 2014, there is one way to register Google AdSense is really easy (easy to accept) that is by using Youtube, so we list AdSense on Youtube, then install it on Blog.

But unfortunately, now that way we can not use anymore. But just calm down, I will share tips on how to register / create a Google Adsense account to be quickly accepted (full approved).

1. Make a blog with HPK niche :-  HPK is a High Paying Keyword or keyword that every click is valued very expensive, to find out which keywords / keywords included in HPK You can use Google Keyword Planner, or if you do not want to bother me already provide List of Niche Blog Best for AdSense.

2. Write 2-5 Original articles :- I honestly do not know exactly how many minimal articles we should make, because there are some experiences of my friend diapprove with just two articles. So the point is not how many articles but how high-quality articles you create.

3. Use TLD with KOD:- The role of TLD or Top Level Domain and KOD (Keyword on Domain) is very important to help your Blog can succeed Google AdSense list because this will help Google to know what niche you stretcher.

4. Create a Contact page, About, Privacy and Disclaimer:- The four pages are highly recommended for you to create, the goal is none other than that is to make your blog look professional and clear who the owner (not anonymous).

After all, wait a few days (maybe 1 - 2 days only) essentially wait until all the articles indexed in Google, then please Register Google AdSense, I'm sure 99% will be accepted, because Google is very fond of a specific Blog, because this will make it easier for them to target ads. Read Tips on Choosing a Good and True Niche Blog.

If you've done the above four ways but still have not been successfully approve by Google AdSense, then you can try the guide to register more complete AdSense in this article How To Register Google AdSense To Be Accepted.


Here I assume you've managed to get Google AdSense account in the way above, so now we go to install ads from AdSense into Blog.

Simply put, to be able to install Google AdSense ads on Blog, then the first step we have to do is to make ads on the Google AdSense site, especially later we will put it into Blog. For more details you can follow the steps below.


To create a new ad unit on Google AdSense is honestly not a difficult thing, because here you can make it automatically through the My Ads menu, or more details you can follow the guidelines to create a new ad on Google AdSense, below.

1. Please open your AdSense Dashboard: - Next please click on the menu My Ads, the location is right fitting left Home menu.

Learn How To Succeed Google Adsense Business
2. Click Ad New Unit: - To create a new ad, please click the Ad New Unit button, wait a while until Pop Up appears.

Learn How To Succeed Google Adsense Business

3. Enter Ad Name: - The name of this ad you can name is any, the point is to remind you, for example you can name it 'header' is also okay, then select the size, color, and type of ads, usually I leave the default, if it is click Save and Get Code.

Learn How To Succeed Google Adsense Business

4. Copy Code Ads: - A pop up will appear containing your Google AdSense ad code, please copy everything.

Congratulations you have successfully created one Google AdSense ad, if you want to make it again, please repeat the above step from the beginning, and do not forget to change the ad size. I used to use 336x280, 300x250 and 728x90 ads. The point is to customize with your template, so that ads can be merged with the blog template.


If we enter it into the template, then we must memparsenya first, the way is easy that you only need to visit the site to encode the ad code from Google Adsense. Examples of sites you can try to use

Enter the Google Adsense ad code into one of the above sites, then please click Parse. After the process of parsing or encoding is complete, please copy all the code, and then install the code into your Blog Template.


Our task is not only completed to install Google Adsense ads on Blogs, but there are many other work we have to do, one of them is to increase / maximize Google AdSense revenue.
Positioning Ads in Strategic Places: - Where is the strategic place? above the title and under the article, so far both places that will generate a lot of clicks. The explanation is simple, when people open or read our articles, then their first focus must be to read the title, now by placing ads near the title of the article then the opportunity to click will be high, while the ads below the article targeting the new person to finish reading your article.

Use High CTR Templates: - If you do not want to bother editing Templates, then I suggest you to directly Download Blogger Templates that are high CTR. Such templates are very easy to find, and even there are so many on the Internet from free to paid ones, for example free ones like Brosense templates, a masterpiece from Mas Sugeng, or another way to create your own version templates. for complete guide create template please read here How to Make Template.

Increase Revenue per Click (CPC): - There are at least 7 Ways you can try to increase your CPC up to 2x (based on my experience) by posting articles with keywords that go into Google AdSense India PPK, in addition there are 6 more ways to increase your AdSense CPC, if interested then you can read it here How to Increase Adsense Revenue (CPC) AdSense.

How to get money from Google AdSense is actually easier than how to improve it, because if you want to increase revenue from Google Adsense, then we need to do research or experiment, so the way I managed to use may be the result will not be the same when you use. So this is where the importance of doing their own experiments to find out which is the most appropriate way to increase Google Adsense income.


After a long journey in getting money from Blog, then now is the time we enjoy the results of our hard work. Yep this is the most eagerly awaited Adsense publisher is the PIP / PI period.

Here I will try to share my experience how to liquefy our Google AdSense using Wester Union or often abbreviated WU.

1. Make sure your account meets the minimum requirements to be able to Payout: - The minimum requirement is $100, so if your account balance is still below $100 then sorry, you can not melt it, but if the estimated income has reached $100 or above, then congratulations you can melt it.
2. Open Payment menu: - This is the payment menu, so the record or track record of payment that we can every month can be seen in this Payment menu.

3. Click Automatic Payment: - Still in the Payment menu before, please you click it will open a new page that contains information about your data and also the number of MTCN and the amount of dollars sent to you.

It is the process of getting a Google AdSense MTCN. then we will disburse it through places that support Western Union payments such as Bank or Post Office.

1. Visit the nearest WU agent: - You may choose anywhere, either Post Office or Bank. But you need to know that they are not the same, meaning when disbursed at the Bank and Post Office, then the income to be received will be different, this is because the exchange rate system used is also different. But do not worry, the difference is only Rp. 1 - 100.

2. The content of WU retrieval paper: - There are two papers there, I hope you do not get the wrong paper WU for money transfer. So make sure you fill in the yellow ones (for money making).

Some of the things you need to fill in are:
  • Your name
  • Address
  • Sender Name (Google Inc. contents)
  • Sender's Address (content Dublin 4, Ireland)
Next enter the MTCN Number and also the Nominal of your income, do not forget to also fill your signature on the bottom column.

3. Give the letter to mbak / mas CS: - This is the final step of making money in WU, namely Cap Tiga Jari, as proof that you are the real money recipient.

Easy is not it? not until 5 Minutes (if not line up) then you can already feel the results of your work during Google Adsense.


If Google AdSense is not working for you, and on the other hand you have also given up to create or get a Google AdSense account (GA), then you do not have to worry, because PPC perogram in this world is not only GA, there are many programs PPC Alternative GA such as:
  1. Media.Net
  2. Clicksor
  3. Adblade
  4. Infolink
  5. Kontera

The point as long as you have a lot of Blog visitors, then you do not need to worry, because there are many ways to memonetize or monetize the Blog, more about what ways you can try to bring money from Blog you can read here How to Make Money from Blog.

Another way to earn money from the Internet besides Google AdSense can also be learned through the following article How to Make Money from the Internet.

With this way then finished already a series of Tutorials around Google Adsense this time. Hopefully what I share above, can provide benefits for all friends, especially those who want to focus on Learning AdSense.

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