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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Simple Tips to Utilize Social Media as a Business Promotion Tool

Business Promotion Tool :- Promoting an online business through social media is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to increase brand popularity in the business you run.

But unfortunately there are still many businessmen who do not know how to use social media to the maximum, it is unfortunate, given the number of social media users in Indonesia is so large, even included in one of the countries with the largest number of social media users in the World.

1. Add Tagar / Hashtag on Every Post :-

Almost in every social media is now equipped with tagar feature or more we are familiar with the term hashtag. It is important for you to know this, as most social media users will utilize the hastag feature to search for various things.

The use of hastags is also a rule, lest you add hastags that have nothing to do with the products / services you offer, because that will only reduce the credibility of your business.

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2. Take advantage of FanPage as a Business Promotion Tool on Facebook  :-

Facebook page or facebook fanpage is a tool provided by Facebook for business owners. This can be seen from the various features in the fanpage such as:

  • Auto Scedule (scheduling post)
  • Pinning a Post (embedding post)
  • Check in (sign up feature)
  • Rating (feature provides an assessment)

And many other features, essentially facebook fanpage is provided for the business, so take advantage of these features to the fullest.

Seeing so many features found on the facebook fanpage, will certainly make anyone interested to create fanpage on Facebook. And for those of you who do not know or still confused how to make it, please learn the article here How To Make Facebook Fanpage.

From the above Global Web Index data we can conclude that the number of social media users in Indonesia is the largest (with the notes of the Chinese state not included in the survey).

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The large number of social media users in Indonesia can certainly be the best promotional advice for business people who want to increase their online business turnover. Through this article I will try to give tips on utilizing social media to promote good and true business.

3. Consider Creating a LinkedIn Account :-

LinkedIn may not be as popular as other social media such as Twitter or Facebook, because content from LinkedIn is more for business, whether it's individuals or companies.

By creating an account on LinkedIn, it will indirectly reflect that the business you are running is not a plaything business, so people will not hesitate to start a business with you.

4. Use YouTube as an Interesting Promotional Media :-

The easiest way to get the attention of prospective customers is to create interesting content and video is one example of media that is quite interfere, because we can combine text, audio and visual.

Furthermore, the videos you have created can be uploaded on various social media sites, be it Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, but of course I strongly advise to upload it to YouTube first and then to share it on Facebook / Twitter.

  • Go to
  • Log in to your YouTube account (create a YouTube account)
  • Find and click the Upload button
  • Select the video file to upload

Next you just have to wait until the file is uploaded 100%, while waiting you can fill in the description or add tags related to the video you upload.

5. Increase Your Business Visibility With Twitter  :-

For those of you who already understand how to use twitter must know that the activities performed by twitter users (either retweet or do reply) will be visible on the timeline or in other words will be seen publicly.

From the activity that can be concluded that Twitter has a big role in improving the visibility of your online business, so try to write down all the activities on your business such as product promotions, quizzes and discounts through twitter to be tweeted by twitter users and if you do not have a twitter account please read how create Twitter.

6. Maximize Customer Satisfaction With Fast Response Service  :-

The speed in replying to each incoming question will be an added value. So make sure you are always ready, because the questions and complaints from customers can come anytime considering their ease in sending messages via the internet.

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Having fast service will also improve your business credibility. But also must be balanced with friendly service when communicating with customers, it is important to get customer loyalty.

7. Reach Analysis To Measure the Level of Success :-

To measure the success rate of promotions made, we can use analytic or facebook users may be familiar with the feature page insight, this feature is very useful because it contains accurate information about the demographics of potential customers.

How to use page insight on Facebook is not difficult, because this feature will be installed automatically, so we do not need to do any settings and to see it simply click on the Insight tab on the menu Fanpage.

Online marketing systems using social networking sites as online promotional media have not always worked effectively, as we know that the key to business success depends on how to market the product and how your innovation in developing the business.

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