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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Top 5 Rules To Become A Successful Blogger Professional

Successful Blogger:- There are many mistakes in the concept of thinking of beginner bloggers on how to become a successful blogger, where the majority think to be a successful blogger key is diligent promotion, but in fact not enough just to promote, because there are many other aspects that must be met for you really can become a successful professional blogger.


Definite successful blogger I mean here is a blogger who has a blog with the number of visitors abundant. Yes, the successful benchmark I use is traffic or number of visits.

As the saying goes, to get great results then required a great sacrifice as well. This is also true in the world of blogging. If you want to be a successful professional blogger then great sacrifices are needed to achieve it, and the higher the success rate you want the greater the sacrifice you have to make.

However, the problem is that we are often confused with what needs to be done to achieve that success. If you think that experience is the best teacher, then I would say that learning from the experience of people is the best lecturer.

Instead of trying and then failing, it would be much better if you read people's experiences about their failures, the goal of not repeating them.

The good news, here I will try to share my experience in the world of blogging, even though I am not a professional blogger and also can not be called successful bloggers, but I have experience learning blogging for 2 years, which certainly will be a bit more useful for blogger friends beginner.

Immediately this is How To Make Online Website Logo Just 3 Minutes I rank um from my journey for more than 2 years dabbling in the world of blogging.


Many bloggers that I see hard to be consistent, either because busy with work in the real world or indeed lazy to write for viewing statistics visitors who do not go up.

If your problem is due to busy work, then try to take advantage of feature post schedule from blogger. As the name implies, this feature serves to set the schedule of article publication. So, in your free time you can directly write 2 - 3 articles, then schedule it, for example every 2 days once / 1 week.


Your role here is a blogger not a designer, so be sure to focus on writing instead of busy decorating the look of the blog.

Although it can not be denied that the display is also an important part of a blog, but I need to remind that visitors come to your blog to find the information they want, not to enjoy the beauty of the look / design of your blog. So stop adding the trinkets on your blog, and try to focus on writing quality articles.

Talk about the look of the blog, there is actually the easiest and most practical way to beautify the look of the blog is by using a template that has been designed in such a way by the template creators.

If interested please open a collection of cool Blog Templates, in the article you can view and download the best collection of templates I've collected from the template designers.


This title is like the life of writing, mistakes in the title will make the article obsolete and abandoned, do not read, not even opened.

To create an interesting title is actually quite easy, all you need is to "insert the reader into the title of the text" meaning that every time you select a title make sure to make it appear as though the article is really needed by the reader.

For example, I will create an article about "laptop chair", then I will give the title:

Laptop Chairs That Will Make You Sure For Hours At Home Computer
The word "you" in the title will make people curious, because as if the article is able to provide solutions for those who are in need of comfortable laptop chairs.


There are still many bloggers who have not really understood the immense power of social media. This can be seen from the least amount of fan page that represents a blog.

So if you do not have a fanpage on facebook, then immediately to make it, because based on my experience fanpage will really help you in looking for visitors, with the note, the fanpage already has thousands of liqueur. That way, every time you finish writing, simply share it to the fanpage.

Other social media you can take advantage of is Google Plus and Twitter, both of which have a high level of indexing on Google, so in addition to increasing visitors, it is also likely to increase your page rank.


Even professional bloggers will still learn from newbie bloggers, so try to always interact with fellow bloggers, do not shut down, try to join the bloggers community either in social media, forum or even community in the real world.

I guarantee there will be a lot of new science you learn. Your relationship is also wider, so it will be very easy for you to find partners to build business together and achieve success together.

Some famous bloggers who have succeeded below, may be your reference to learn blogging:

  • Ricky Pratama with his blog TrikMudahSEO
  • Marikxon Manurung with his blog MaxManroe
  • Mas Sugeng with his blog SugengID
Read more you can see here 4 valuable tips for more views on YouTube

That's just a brief sharing from me, and let me ask you what you think about this article, whether you agree or not. I am very open if anyone wants to ask about the key articles to become a successful professional blogger this.

Oh ya one more, you can also earn income from hobby blogging, the guide you can learn in this article 10 Ways to Make Money from Blog. I explain step by step, from the beginning on How to Make a Blog to How to Register Blog to Google AdSense in order to generate millions of dollars per month.

So, essentially here I just want to share to fellow novice bloggers, hopefully there are benefits.

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