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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Top 6 Ways to Increase Alexa Rank Easily and Quickly

Increase Alexa Rank:- Every blogger would want to get a small Alexa Ranking / slim is not it? if you can be honest, actually to achieve it (alexa ramping) is not a difficult job, as long as we know how the Alexa Rank work, or at least we need to know the indicators used by Alexa in ranking a site.


As we all know, Alexa uses a rank consisting of numbers between 1 - 30,000,000, the smaller the alexa ranking obtained the better the blog / wesbite, in addition to the numbers, Alexa also uses the rank No Data on the new sites dibua or sites that have not / did not get a ranking (above 30 million).

As far as I know, Alexa Rank uses traffic indicators to rank a site, in addition to traffic, of course there are several other factors. Another factor that will be discussed later in this article. Before discussing it I will explain first about understanding Alexa Rank.


Alexa is a website that contains information about the data of a site that is on the internet, ranging from traffic, backlinks to keyword terpopuler.

Alexa has an algorithm assigned to merannking a site, called the Alexa Rank.

Alexa Rank is divided into two:

1. Alexa Global Rank
2. Alexa Traffic Ranks

Alexa Rank (Alexa Global Rank) is very different from the Page Rank issued by Google, where Alexa Rank has absolutely nothing to do with SEO, so even though your Alexa Ranking is slim blog, there is no guarantee Blog gets added value from Google, this different from Page Rank, first Page Rank (PR) is an indicator that symbolizes the power of SEO from a Blog, the bigger = the stronger in the SERP.


Alexa Rank updates blog / website rankings almost every day, but also uncertain, because depending on each site, as long as the blog is diligent update then ALexa Rank on the blog will continue to update. In other words, the fast / slow update Alexa Rank depends on the intensity of the update of a Blog.

As for Alexa Traffic Ranks, as far as I know the Alexa mengupdatenya every 1 month.


As I said diaatas Alexa Rank has its own algorithm to rank a site, which is based on Number of Traffic, Intensity Update and Number of Backlinks.

Although there are other factors, but certainly the three factors above the most used Alexa in determining the ranking of a site.

So from here we already have a little picture of Factors Affecting the size of Alexa Rank on a site. But what should be noted is that when you pay attention to Alexa Traffic Rank actually it is not the actual amount of traffic, because Alexa Rank only calculate based on people who use Alexa Toolbars.

So be it Alexa Global Rank or Alexa Traffic Ranks, all based on the tool from Alexa itself, in this case are:

Alexa Toolbars, and
Alexa Widget

But of course who knows for sure about the workings / algorithms of Alexa Rank only Alexa own party who know.


Depending on which side you see it, if you look at it from SEO then Alexa Rank has nothing to do with it or in other words in the eyes of Search Enginge (google, bing, yahoo) Alexa Rank is not important, because Alexa Rank is not included in Ranking Factors.

However, if you look at the side of Advertising (advertising) then Alexa Rank is very important, in other words the Advertiser will see Alexa Rank on a blog / web first before they decide to advertise on the blog / web.

Alexa Rank can also be a powerful weapon to peg ad slots with an expensive price.

So, from here can diatarik conclusion that Alexa Rank is important in the eyes of the Advertiser and not at all important in the eyes of Search Engines.


We go in the main discussion is about how to increase alexa rank, which as I have said above, in outline, Alexa using three main factors are:

Number of Traffic
Intensity Update
Number of Backlinks

More than that of course there are other factors / ways to increase alexa rank on a blog / website. As per my promise above, then I will explain any other factors that can to menignkatkan alexa rank, of course apart from the three main factors above.


It is common knowledge that Alexa Toolbar will help speed up the ranking of a blog / web visited. So the more people who use the Alexa Toolbar in their browser (and visit your blog of course) then Alexa Rank on the site will increase rapidly.

So if you want to quickly increase Alexa Rank, then please Download and Install Alexa Toolbar, then let Alexa Toolbar work for your Blog.


By claiming the site in Alexa it means you will help Alexa to mentrack blog / web, so directly this will help increase Alexa Rank, because Alexa can easily recognize the site already in claim, because the requirement to claim must install verification ID in part Head on template.

How to claim Alexa I think already many who know, but if not you can visit (change website name with your blog address / website) then click on Edit Site Info, then follow the directions from Alexa where you are advised to install Alexa Verification ID, if it is installed please click Verify.


How to upgrade the third alexa rank is by installing Alexa Widgets on your web / blog, I think this way already many know, and also become the pros and cons, but as far as the survey that I do more pros than cons.

So if interested you can install Alexa Widget in the sidebar / footer on your blog, how to install alexa rank on blog / website is very easy, you just need to install this script <a href = " /"><script type = "text / javascript" src = ""> </ script> </ a > inside the template. (replace with your site address).


Please invite others to do a review on your Webiste on Alexa, this will certainly make your Web / Blog has a good reputation in the eyes of Alexa and indirectly also very powerful to menignkatkan alexa rank on your Blog / Web.

An easy way to get a lot of reviews in Alexa is to hold salrev or mutual review, so for example you review blog / web others, then the next person must review your blog / web, by making a deal earlier.


In addition to the potential to increase Alexa Rank, blogwalking is also powerful to improve SEO on your Blog, because with Blog walking there will be fortunes that you will be able to:
  • Backlink
  • Visitor
So as the saying goes, once rowing two thirty is exceeded.

6. How to Increase Alexa Rank I mentioned above, of course you can easily do not it? and if still not satisfied with the six ways to increase alexa rank blog / web you can try the ultimate way to streamline alexa rank, which you can read here 

That's it from me, so much and thank you.

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