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Saturday, 2 June 2018

iPhone 6.1 Inch Form Revealed, Only Have 1 Camera Lens

Still Will Carrying Screen With IPS LCD Panel: - To strengthen the line of its besutannya Smartphone, Apple company has routinely launched various variants of the latest version of iPhone devices in each year. In this year for Smartphones to be launched also is ready and has many among gadget lovers who wait for its presence.


Well, the last few months a variety of leaks about the latest iPhone Smartphone device that is ready to be launched by Apple is also already widespread in cyberspace. One of the iPhone Smartphone is planned to be presented in September 2018 is carrying a 6.1 inch screen.

That later will be a standard variant, the other news says that this 6.1 inch iPhone Smartphone will be presented along with his two siblings who have a screen size of 6.5 inch and 5.8 inch.

Indeed in the year 2017 yesterday reportedly for all iPhone Smartphone devices in 2018 will use OLED display pane. But yesterday and there are other news that states that there are only 2 iPhone 2018 will use OLED display panel, while for the iPhone 6.1 inch will still carry the LCD panel display IPS usual.

If indeed this information really happens then the iPhone 6.1 inch model is not too much different from the look of the iPhone X. Still carrying the screen bangs, but with the size of a thinner bezel so it can be claimed that aspect ratio that would have 19.5: 9.

For the frame is likely to be made of aluminum and wrapped with glass material on the front and rear. But if viewed more deeply, it seems this Smartphone will only come with a camera lens only on the back. This way it could be if the iPhone 6.1 inch later will be a cheap iPhone smartphone device that is rumored for this.

On the other hand, South Korean online media called The Bell has revealed that the Apple company seems to be facing difficulties in the production process of the iPhone 6.1 inch so it is still not ready to launch and forced to experience delays like Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

As for the two siblings do not experience obstacles so that the production process of 5.8 inch iPhone that is claimed to be the next generation iPhone and X iPhone 6.5 inch will be a variant of this fever is still smooth and ready to glide as well.

Many media say that the new Apple company can bring this 6.1 inch iPhone in November 2018. Its that true? So, we look forward to the next news.

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