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Friday, 1 June 2018

Quality Camera Xiaomi Mi 8 Equals with Galaxy S9 Plus, It's DxOMark's Word!

Being in the Fourth Best Position in the World with Scores of 99 :-

From the Xiaomi 8th celebration yesterday it has been a lot of cool moments, especially when the launching of its special Smartphone device named Xiaomi Mi 8 has been introduced directly by Lei Jun. During the presentation session many excellent features are introduced, ranging from the design, specifications, to the performance of the camera.

From the various discussions that have been revealed, one of them is interesting to be reviewed further that is about the performance of the camera from Xiaomi Mi 8 is able to penetrate DxOMark testing. Lei Jun has shown that the latest generation smartphone Smartphone device this time has managed to score 99 points.

However, if separated, then the score generated by Xiaomi Mi 8 camera is 105 points for shooting trials, while for testing in video recording ability is only able to get a score of 88 points only.

That way the Xiaomi Mi 8 Smartphone device is in a position parallel to the Samsung Galaxy S9 + which for the same DxOMark score, but for the latest flagship smartphone made by Samsung has scored 91 points in video recording trials, but for the test try taking pictures alias photos can only value 104 Points only.

As already discussed earlier that the Xiaomi Mi 8 Smartphone device also has a dual camera setup and each lens consists of 12MP, the first lens has a 1.4 μm f / 1.8 aperture Pixel Size, OIS and dual Pixel PDAF, while for secondary camera has aperture f / 2.4, 2x optical zoom as well as PDAF dual pixel capabilities as well.

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In addition DxOMark agency has also given an assessment that 2x magnification is owned by Xiaomi Mi 8 is indeed quite good, but not as cool as other flagship smartphones that have telephoto lenses. However, the Mi 8 is able to capture clear images with good dynamic shooting distance from a variety of scenarios, including in low-light conditions though.

As for the weakness of Xiaomi Mi 8 camera lens is when used to take pictures is the loss of detail even in the daytime though. There is a small inconsistency in its autofocus, White Balance and its depth detection for bokeh mode. And the most prominent problem is the presence of color fringing.

Then when used in video recording, DxOMark's agency states that the Xiaomi Mi 8 has autofocus in super-fast and impressive time, its focus tracking is also precise, its wide take range and low noise level. But there are problems with White Balance, the loss of detail and sharpness can not be consistent.

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