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Friday, 1 June 2018

Vivo NEX Series Ready to Be the Strongest Challenger Mi 8 Series

Vivo NEX Have 2 Variants with Different Chipset :-

To compete with rivals from China as well as or perhaps from an outside company, Vivo company is also continuing to update its line of Smartphone devices. Not only focus on low and middle class devices only, do not forget also Premium Smartphone also routinely to be launched by Vivo.


Not long ago there is information that says that the Chinese company is working on the latest Smartphone device that will be named NEX. As has been clearly uploaded on the GeekBench page yesterday, this Smartphone will be present with Snapdragon 710 chip and supported with 4GB of internal RAM capacity.

In addition to the operating system that runs the Android V8.1 Oreo. However, before that, Vivo NEX reportedly will also come with a chip component Snapdragon 845 processor so there is a suspicion that this highest variant will be present with the name Vivo NEX S.

As it has been launched from the GSMArena page yesterday if for Vivo NEX which will be present with Snapdragon 845 chip component is likely to be priced at a more expensive, which reached 940 Euro or equivalent to Rp 15.3 million, while for variants with Snapdragon 710 will be priced with the price of CNY 5000 or equivalent to Rp 10.8 Million.

In this way Vivo Nex Vivo Smartphone device will be a heavy competitor of the Xiaomi Mi 8 Series which also brings Snapdragon 845 chip technology for its highest variant and Mi 8 SE which became the first Smartphone with Snapdragon 710 chip.

You need to know also that the current Smartphone Vivo NEX S has also been registered on the certification board of China, TENAA. From the certification agency we can know that this Smartphone device will be present with 22.5 W charger component so strongly indicated that this Smartphone will support Quick Charget 4+ fast charging.

So, like what are the specifications and full features of Vivo NEX and NEX S this later? Let's wait until the time of its launch which is rumored to be held on June 12 next in China.

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