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Monday, 9 July 2018

Samsung Starts Developing Dual W2019 Camera Dual Camera

Although now the world of technology sudha growing and many changes, but the company is known to still want to maintain one of its devices are quite popular in its day that is folding phone or many who call it with Flip Phone.


One of the models and series that still maintained until now is W20XX series. This we can know clearly from the recent reports that said that the company is preparing Samsung's newest generation which will carry the name W2019.

As has been launched by the GSMArena page if the presence of this phone has been known from Twitter uploads. From the post can be known clearly that W2019 is in the development stage with a project called Lykan.

Although for design affairs is very classic but this folding phone alias flip phone will be present with one of the features that are popular in the world of Smartphone today is bringing the dual camera main setup. This way the users will be able to keep abreast of the developments though by using the devices that seem to have been left behind this era.

But unfortunately for the specifications of the latest dual folding camera phone made by Samsung is still not known further resolution. Most likely for the lens to be carried this will be exactly the same as what has been embedded in the Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus ie each lens has a resolution of 12MP.

When viewed from various leaks that exist, it seems W2019 will also come with two panes of the screen as well so that although closed device can still operate as Smartphone in general, while when opened, the sensation of using a classic phone will be felt.

As for other information is still not much revealed, but if you see from the existing launch patterns, most likely W2019 will be launched late 2018. So, we wait for further news.

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