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Thursday, 12 July 2018

Apple Get Fingerprint Smartphone Patent, Here's the Design!

In the next 2019 it seems Smartphone devices will experience a significant shift again the application of the concept of folding screen design. For the time being this vendor closest to its folding Smartphone screen is Samsung and is expected to be present with the name Galaxy X.

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As a rival, of course Apple does not want to lose with the Samsung company. Recently there has been the latest leak of patent technology that has just been obtained by the company from the United States. In the patent obtained it can be known that this company will create a Smartphone with folding screen as well.

The patent has been registered with the number US10,020,462 and attributed to Jiang Ai, Erik A., and also Soyoung Kim. Actually for this patent itself has been filed by Apple since June 8, 2016 yesterday. However, for this patent document has just been inaugurated by the United States Patent and Trademark Offices alias USPTO by bringing the category "Electronic Devices with Flexible Display".

 Apple, iPad, iPhone, News, Foldable Smartphone,

As has been reported by Phone Arena, in the patent can be known that the Apple has the intention to gush the device folding Smartphone screen. For the application of its own design concept that will use transparent panel technology which in the center can be bent. Well, when this device will be folded, then there will be a thinning section so bad impact on the screen. 

Even so the Apple has noticed it and has prepared the best solution that is to add elastrometric material, fluid or maybe anything else to be pinned in the gap in the middle of the bend of the screen.

Although for information about the intent of the concept of folding screen from Apple is already widespread, but it is still unknown whether this will be applied on his iPhone smartphone or iPad tablet besutannya.

On the other hand, previously Wamsi Mohan as Merrill Lynch analyst had given estimates that Apple is just ready haridkan folding iPhone Smartphone screen in 2020. If so, of course the company from the United States is losing quickly because Samsung plans to present it in early 2019. 

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