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Thursday, 12 July 2018

Oops! Huawei Not Intentional Leaking Original Name Android P

Operating system there are many types, but to the famous throughout the World and always compete to be the top there are only two ie Android and IOS. Both operating system itself also continues to get updates and developments, if yesterday Apple launched iOS 12, google company update the OS besutannya Android P.

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For the latest operating system from Google is actually already introduced to the details for its main feature a few months ago, even some existing Smartphone device that can run it in BETA version. Even so, the real name of the letter "P" is still a mystery to this day.

Until now indeed the developers are still mum related to the original name, but many people who associate it with various names of sweets that exist. Yesterday ago also had information that mentions that Android P will have the real name Popsicle, there are mention Pineapple, there is also a mention Pie, and many others.

Android, Android P, Applications, Google, Huawei, News,

However, not long ago the original name of the latest OS from Google this time has accidentally revealed itself by one of his colleagues namely Huawei. The Chinese-origin company has surprisingly given a leak when one of its users asked questions about Android OS update support on his Huawei Smartphone. 

As has been reported by Android Headlines, the Customer Service of Huawei Poland has given the answer and accidentally gave a leak about the real name of Android P that is Pistachio.

Is it true that Google will give Pistachio name for Android OS P later? Or maybe this is just a code for the Huawei side we are also still not knowing for sure. Sure it was yesterday and had time to mention this name, but the information disappeared so quickly.

Because the Google is also still silent related to this information, it is still not certain also 100% truth if Android P will carry the name Pistachio. How, do you have any thoughts about this "P"?

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